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Endometrial Stell Injection


Endometrial Stell Injection, aka ESInj, is an advanced fertility treatment offered by renowned IVF specialist and gynaecologist Dr Supriya Puranik, who has 30+ years of experience in the field.

This procedure involves introducing special cells called stell into the uterus to help improve its health and receptivity, thus increasing the chances of successful conception.

What Are Endometrial Stells?

Endometrial stells (ES) are stem cells derived from the endometrium. They have a unique ability to regulate cell regeneration, stimulate endometrial growth, and increase uterine receptivity to embryos, thus making them especially useful for women battling infertility issues due to weak reproductive organs.

It’s important to note that these cells aren’t sourced from a third-party donor. Instead, they are extracted from the patient’s bloodstream – usually through a simple blood draw called endometrial stell preparation.

How Does Endometrial Stell Injection Work?

Endometrial Stell Injection works by introducing these protective endometrial stem cells directly into the patient’s womb with the help of a syringe and catheter. As soon as they reach the affected area, they start acting upon it by establishing new communication channels, which further help stimulate growth and repair weak uterine muscles.

This process also increases natural hormone production and essential nutrient supply, further enhancing embryo implantation rate. Additionally, studies on women who underwent this treatment showed an impressive 85% average success rate!

Benefits Of Endometrial Stells

Endometrial stell injection is a relatively safe procedure and has significantly improved the odds of a successful pregnancy.

According to clinical trials, women who underwent this treatment had higher rates of successful conception when compared to those without any help.

Additionally, embryo implantation is greatly enhanced due to improved uterine receptivity and structural integrity.

Risks Associated With Endometrial Stells

It’s important to note that endometrial stell injections carry a certain degree of risk. This includes slight discomfort during or after the procedure and cramping; in rare cases, infections may occur due to the mishandling of the catheter, which needs immediate attention.

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Dr. Supriya Puranik’s clinic offers state-of-the-art treatments tailored specifically around each patient’s case, allowing her to provide the best chance at parenthood by giving them hope for a brighter future! To learn more about how she can help make your parenthood wishes come true – feel free to reach out.

About Doctor


Dr. Supriya Puranik

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Often known as the last glimmer of hope for people who have lost all hope for conceiving a child, Dr. Supriya Puranik is a leading gynaecologist, high-risk obstetrician and Head of IVF & Gynaecology department at Ankura Hospital, Pune

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews & Feedback

  • o
  • Om Kadel

She is excellent. And as a goddess for my family. After long time I m blessed with twins baby due to her efforts only. She used to boost me with lots of positive thoughts whenever I lost the hope. You are too supportive mam. Thanks a lot.

Even the hospital staff, Nurses, mousis,house keeping staffs are at your step when ever needed when I was admitted.

The food provided is well planned according to the diet of patients by mam. Thank you very much mam for this turn over in my life after 12 years of marriage.

  • A
  • Ashwini Sonawane

Dr. Supriya Puranik’s mam is very sweet person I have ever met. She is very caring, her ever smiling face always gives you positive wives. Staff is also very helpful and care taking during delivery, the best hospitality service I would say…
Thank you so much Dr Puranik Mam and Team. keep up the good work


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