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Laser-Assisted Hatching


Laser-Assisted Hatching is an advanced technique that helps improve IVF success rates by increasing the likelihood of implantation. A common infertility treatment helps patients achieve their dream of parenthood.

What is Laser-Assisted Hatching?

Laser-Assisted Hatching is a technique used during in vitro fertilization (IVF) that involves making a small opening in the outer layer of the embryo (zona pellucida) using a precise laser. The process allows the embryo to hatch from its protective shell, improving the chances of a successful pregnancy. Laser-Assisted Hatching is typically performed on embryos with a thick zona pellucida, individuals over 37 or those undergoing their third IVF cycle.

Process of Laser-Assisted Hatching

The Laser-Assisted Hatching process involves several steps, including:

  • Embryo Culture

The developed embryos are cultured in the laboratory for 3 – 5 days, and the strongest embryos are chosen for the transfer.

  • Creation of a Hole in Zona Pellucida

A precise laser creates a small hole in the zona pellucida, which allows the embryo to hatch from its protective shell.

  • Embryo Transfer

After a successful Laser-Assisted Hatching, the embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus, where they are nurtured and allowed to develop.

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Benefits of Laser-Assisted Hatching

Laser-Assisted Hatching offers several advantages, including:

  • Increased chances of embryo implantation: Laser-Assisted Hatching can increase embryo implantation rates by making it easier for the embryo to hatch from its protective layer and attach to the uterine lining.
  • Suitable for certain patient groups: It is a beneficial treatment option for individuals over 37 years old or those undergoing their third IVF cycle. Patients with thick zona pellucida and previous failed IVF attempts may also benefit.
  • The higher success rate in frozen embryo transfer: Research shows that laser-assisted Hatching can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy in frozen embryo transfer cycles.
  • Improved pregnancy outcomes: Improved blastocyst formation and higher pregnancy rates are reported in patients who undergo laser-assisted Hatching.

Who is Laser-Assisted Hatching suitable for?

Laser-Assisted Hatching is a suitable option for couples struggling with infertility and previously failed to conceive with traditional IVF methods. It is also suitable for couples diagnosed with thick zona pellucida, advanced maternal age, or failed IVF attempts.

What To Do After Failed IVF Cycle?

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Dr. Supriya Puranik, a leading IVF specialist in Pune, India, provides comprehensive fertility care, including Laser-Assisted Hatching, to help patients achieve their dream of parenthood. She has helped countless couples become parents and is committed to providing each patient with the highest quality, personalised care.

If you’re considering fertility treatment and believe Laser-Assisted Hatching could be the right option, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Supriya Puranik today.

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Dr. Supriya Puranik

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Often known as the last glimmer of hope for people who have lost all hope for conceiving a child, Dr. Supriya Puranik is a leading gynaecologist, high-risk obstetrician and Head of IVF & Gynaecology department at Ankura Hospital, Pune

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews & Feedback

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  • Om Kadel

She is excellent. And as a goddess for my family. After long time I m blessed with twins baby due to her efforts only. She used to boost me with lots of positive thoughts whenever I lost the hope. You are too supportive mam. Thanks a lot.

Even the hospital staff, Nurses, mousis,house keeping staffs are at your step when ever needed when I was admitted.

The food provided is well planned according to the diet of patients by mam. Thank you very much mam for this turn over in my life after 12 years of marriage.

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  • Ashwini Sonawane

Dr. Supriya Puranik’s mam is very sweet person I have ever met. She is very caring, her ever smiling face always gives you positive wives. Staff is also very helpful and care taking during delivery, the best hospitality service I would say…
Thank you so much Dr Puranik Mam and Team. keep up the good work


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