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Dr. Supriya Puranik is a leading gynaecologist in Pune, India, providing comprehensive quality care and specialized services for female patients who require myomectomy.

Myomectomy is a surgical procedure that requires expertise, experience, and knowledge for the best results.

What is Myomectomy?

Myomectomy is an operation performed to remove uterine fibroids without the need for hysterectomy – the removal of the uterus. Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths that occur in the uterus and are caused by hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Depending on size and location within the uterus, they may cause pain, pressure or other symptoms.

Dr. Supriya Puranik specializes in myomectomies with over 20 years of experience performing them successfully without major complications.

She carries out the procedure carefully, following strict safety guidelines to ensure her patient’s well-being while providing effective solutions.

The Procedure

Myomectomy involves several procedures based on each individual’s health condition and preference. Commonly used techniques include laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), hysteroscopy (scope surgery) and open abdominal surgery (laparotomy).

Depending on these factors, she may use only one approach or combine two or more procedures to give satisfactory results in most cases.

Before any surgery, Dr. Supriya evaluates each patient’s overall health condition carefully through various tests, including ultrasound, MRI scan, etc.; this helps her determine which method will be most suitable for each case for successful outcomes with minimal associated risks with it.

Benefits of Myomectomy

Myomectomy is a beneficial option for women who wish to preserve their uterus while alleviating symptoms caused by fibroids. Here are some of the key benefits of myomectomy:

  • Preservation of Fertility: Myomectomy is often the preferred option for women who desire to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. By removing fibroids, it can improve fertility outcomes and increase the chances of successful pregnancies.
  • Symptom Relief: Uterine fibroids can cause various symptoms such as heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, pressure, and urinary frequency. Myomectomy helps to alleviate these symptoms, improving a woman’s overall quality of life. Read more about Uterine fibroids
  • Maintaining Uterine Structure: Unlike hysterectomy (removal of the entire uterus), myomectomy preserves the uterus’ structural integrity. This is essential for women who want to retain the possibility of carrying a child in the future.
  • Avoidance of Menopausal Symptoms: Myomectomy, leaves the ovaries intact, avoiding early menopause and its associated symptoms.
  • Potential Non-Surgical Alternatives: In some cases, myomectomy can be performed laparoscopically or hysteroscopically, leading to smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times compared to traditional open surgery.
  • Treatment for Large or Multiple Fibroids: Myomectomy is beneficial for women with large fibroids or multiple fibroids that may not respond well to non-surgical treatments. By directly removing these fibroids, symptoms can be significantly reduced.
  • Post-Surgery Pregnancy: After myomectomy, women can conceive & carry pregnancies to term, which makes it a suitable option for those who want to start or expand their families.

It’s important to note that the choice of treatment, including myomectomy, depends on individual circumstances and medical advice. While myomectomy offers these benefits, it may not be suitable for all cases, and alternative treatments or procedures might be more appropriate for certain individuals.

Post Surgery Care

Following the procedure, Dr. Supriya Puranik provides detailed post-operative care, including regular follow-up calls and checkups to ensure her patient’s recovery is progressing nicely.;

This includes medication instructions tailored towards each individual’s needs and recommended lifestyle modifications for best health outcomes post-surgery.

Her dedicated staff members also assist her in providing adequate emotional support and counselling for women who may have an emotional experience due to surgery.

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Dr. Supriya Puranik, a leading gynaecologist in Pune, offers myomectomy surgery for relief from uterine fibroids. With her expertise and compassionate care, you’re in capable hands.

Take the first step towards a fibroid-free life by scheduling a consultation today. Contact us at +91-7502519999 or email us at

Regain control over your health with Dr. Supriya Puranik’s expertise. Your journey to relief starts here!

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Dr. Supriya Puranik

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Often known as the last glimmer of hope for people who have lost all hope for conceiving a child, Dr. Supriya Puranik is a leading gynaecologist, high-risk obstetrician and Head of IVF & Gynaecology department at Ankura Hospital, Pune

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews & Feedback

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  • Om Kadel

She is excellent. And as a goddess for my family. After long time I m blessed with twins baby due to her efforts only. She used to boost me with lots of positive thoughts whenever I lost the hope. You are too supportive mam. Thanks a lot.

Even the hospital staff, Nurses, mousis,house keeping staffs are at your step when ever needed when I was admitted.

The food provided is well planned according to the diet of patients by mam. Thank you very much mam for this turn over in my life after 12 years of marriage.

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  • Ashwini Sonawane

Dr. Supriya Puranik’s mam is very sweet person I have ever met. She is very caring, her ever smiling face always gives you positive wives. Staff is also very helpful and care taking during delivery, the best hospitality service I would say…
Thank you so much Dr Puranik Mam and Team. keep up the good work


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