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Ovulatory Disorders


When it comes to fertility, a healthy ovulatory cycle is critical for females who are planning to conceive. Ovulation is a complicated process in which an egg is released from the ovary and moves through the fallopian tube to become fertilized by a sperm.

Women who experience ovulatory disorders may face obstacles in successfully conceiving. Ovulatory disorders are medical conditions that can impact a woman’s hormone levels, menstrual cycle, and ability to release an egg.

The Significance of Healthy Ovulatory Functioning

healthy ovulatory functioning

Ovulation is an essential part of every woman’s menstrual cycle. The process occurs when the ovaries release an egg into the fallopian tube. Healthy ovulatory functioning is key to fertility, and any irregularity can reduce the chances of conception.

Women who experience ovulatory disorders may have trouble becoming pregnant or carrying a baby to term. Healthy ovulatory functioning also plays a critical role in overall female reproductive health.

Overview of Ovulatory Disorders

Several different types of ovulatory disorders can negatively impact fertility. These conditions include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hypothalamic amenorrhea, premature ovarian failure, and hyperprolactinemia.

These disorders have varying symptoms that impact the menstrual cycle, hormone levels, and ovulation. PCOS is one of the most common ovulatory disorders, affecting up to 10% of women. It is characterized by irregular periods and small fluid-filled sacs (cysts) on the ovaries.

Symptoms of Ovulatory Disorders

Women who experience ovulatory disorders may notice several symptoms, including irregular periods or periods that last longer or shorter than usual. Painful periods or heavy bleeding are also common.

Women with ovulatory disorders may struggle to maintain a consistent and predictable menstrual cycle. They may also experience acne, hair growth, and weight gain.

Diagnosis of Ovulatory Disorders

ovulatory disease diagnosis

Diagnosing ovulatory disorders involves a thorough medical evaluation to accurately identify the cause of the condition. Women experiencing irregular periods, painful periods, or other symptoms associated with ovulatory disorders should consult an infertility specialist for diagnosis.

The specialist may use a combination of different tests like blood tests, ultrasounds, and medical history reviews to diagnose these disorders.

A pelvic exam is also conducted to ensure no underlying physical abnormalities like cysts or other anomalies that may be causing the condition. Once a precise diagnosis is made, specialists can recommend a personalized treatment plan that best suits an individual’s needs.

Treatment Options

ovulatory diseases

The treatment for ovulatory disorders depends on the specific condition and its severity. Infertility experts may prescribe medications to stimulate ovulation or to regulate hormone levels. Common medications used to treat ovulatory disorders are Clomid and Letrozole.

These medications can boost the production of follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH), regulating the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Surgery may sometimes be required to remove cysts or manage other abnormalities.

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If you have any concerns related to your ovulatory cycle or are experiencing symptoms of ovulatory disorders, contact Dr. Supriya Puranik. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care to help women achieve their fertility goals. We encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and treatment options. Dr. Puranik will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to address your needs. Don’t let ovulatory disorders affect your fertility and reproductive health. Get in touch with us today.

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  • Om Kadel

She is excellent. And as a goddess for my family. After long time I m blessed with twins baby due to her efforts only. She used to boost me with lots of positive thoughts whenever I lost the hope. You are too supportive mam. Thanks a lot.

Even the hospital staff, Nurses, mousis,house keeping staffs are at your step when ever needed when I was admitted.

The food provided is well planned according to the diet of patients by mam. Thank you very much mam for this turn over in my life after 12 years of marriage.

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  • Ashwini Sonawane

Dr. Supriya Puranik’s mam is very sweet person I have ever met. She is very caring, her ever smiling face always gives you positive wives. Staff is also very helpful and care taking during delivery, the best hospitality service I would say…
Thank you so much Dr Puranik Mam and Team. keep up the good work


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