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Semen Freezing


Dr. Supriya Puranik is an experienced IVF specialist in Pune with over 20 years of experience. Her expertise has helped numerous couples experience the joys of parenthood. One of the services offered at her clinic is Semen Freezing, which enables couples to preserve fertility for future use, whether for medical reasons, age-related concerns, or personal choices.

What is Semen Freezing?

Semen Freezing is a medical process involving collecting, analyzing, processing, and storing semen samples for future use. This procedure is often recommended for men seeking medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery that could affect their fertility. Semen Freezing can also benefit healthy couples who wish to preserve their fertility for the future.

The Process of Semen Freezing:

The Semen Freezing process involves several steps, including:

  • Initial Consultation: The first step is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Supriya Puranik. During this consultation, the specialist will explain the procedure’s details, including the benefits and risks, and answer any couple’s questions.
  • Semen Collection: After consent, a semen sample is collected in a sterile container via masturbation. The semen sample is taken in one of the private rooms at the clinic.
  • Semen Analysis: The semen sample is then analyzed to determine the sperm count, motility, and volume.
  • Semen Processing: The sperm is separated from the seminal fluid and processed to remove impurities.
  • Storage: The processed semen sample is stored in a cryovial and frozen for future use.

Proper Preparation for Semen Freezing:

Before starting the Semen Freezing process, couples must undergo an evaluation by Dr. Supriya Puranik to determine if they are suitable candidates for the procedure. Evaluations may include various baseline blood tests, physical examinations, and semen analyses.

Benefits of Semen Freezing:

Semen Freezing offers several benefits:

  • Preserving Fertility: Semen Freezing can help preserve fertility for men undergoing medical treatments that might affect their fertility, those with low sperm count, or those who want to preserve their fertility for future use.
  • Increased Chances of Conception: Semen Freezing can increase the chances of conception by providing healthy and viable sperm for IVF treatment even years after freezing the sample.
  • Helps Address Age-Related Fertility Issues: Semen Freezing can be ideal for couples looking to delay starting or expanding their family due to age-related fertility concerns.
Get in Touch:

Semen Freezing is a safe and effective procedure that can help preserve fertility for future use. At Dr. Supriya Puranik‘s clinic in Pune, couples can find expert guidance, personalized attention, and top-quality services for Semen Freezing. If you want to learn more about Semen Freezing, we recommend booking a consultation with Dr. Puranik’s clinic for further guidance.

About Doctor


Dr. Supriya Puranik

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Often known as the last glimmer of hope for people who have lost all hope for conceiving a child, Dr. Supriya Puranik is a leading gynaecologist, high-risk obstetrician and Head of IVF & Gynaecology department at Ankura Hospital, Pune

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews & Feedback

  • o
  • Om Kadel

She is excellent. And as a goddess for my family. After long time I m blessed with twins baby due to her efforts only. She used to boost me with lots of positive thoughts whenever I lost the hope. You are too supportive mam. Thanks a lot.

Even the hospital staff, Nurses, mousis,house keeping staffs are at your step when ever needed when I was admitted.

The food provided is well planned according to the diet of patients by mam. Thank you very much mam for this turn over in my life after 12 years of marriage.

  • A
  • Ashwini Sonawane

Dr. Supriya Puranik’s mam is very sweet person I have ever met. She is very caring, her ever smiling face always gives you positive wives. Staff is also very helpful and care taking during delivery, the best hospitality service I would say…
Thank you so much Dr Puranik Mam and Team. keep up the good work


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