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5 Tips to Increase the Success Rate of your IVF Procedure

5 tips to increase ivf success

IVF can be a boon for couples unable to conceive a child naturally. But the success of an IVF procedure depends a lot on the quality of the female’s egg, the quality of the sperm, the growth of the embryo and the receptivity of the uterus.  

But there are certain things that you should pay attention to increase your IVF’s success rate. So let’s take a look at them.

How to increase your IVF success rate?

  • Taking medication regularly:

Once your egg is fertilised and the embryo is placed into your uterus, a doctor will recommend certain medications. You have to take these medications on time and in the right proportion. These medications include progesterone hormone, which is very important in maintaining pregnancy. If the progesterone’s proportion is disturbed even a bit, implantation is likely to fail.

  • Efficient Diet:

There are a lot of misconceptions related to the diet after embryo implantation during the IVF procedure. Many patients think eating a particular food might result in IVF failure. But remember, these are all misconceptions. There is no food item that can cause the abortion.

Still, it’s important to remember that your progesterone intake is high during the IVF procedure. High progesterone decreases the motility of the large intestine. So it takes longer than usual to digest the food. This can result in stomach aches, gastric issues and lack of hunger. So make sure you do not eat till your stomach is full. Eat smaller portions in multiple intervals.

Moreover, add a lot of green and leafy vegetables, fluids and fruits into your diet. Some patients are skeptical about eating papaya and pineapple. But there is no reason to believe these fruits can impact your pregnancy.

Just ensure you avoid dark chocolates, aerated drinks, tea-coffee and bakery products as much as possible.

  • Bed rest:

Patients are always confused about their routine after embryo implantation. Often patients ask us about how they should sleep, sit, move and work. So to be very clear, you can return to your routine life, even after the embryo implantation. You can sit or sleep how you feel comfortable, do all your routine chores, and travel to your office too.

In fact, it’s observed that the chances of embryo implantation reduce in patients who take complete bed rest after the procedure. The reason is the psychological effect of bed rest. When you are taking bed rest, you continuously think about the possible success of your procedure. This can build stress, resulting in possible implantation failure due to uterus contraction.

  • Stay safe from the infection:

When undergoing IVF, ensure you stay safe from the infection. Make sure you stay away from those who have cough and cold infections. It’s important to ensure you stay safe from viral infections like cough and cold.

It’s also important to have good gut health. So make sure you eat homemade and freshly cooked food. Drink clean and safe water and stay away from the infection.

  • Stay stress-free and have a positive attitude:

This is the most important thing you must do. Remember, the success rate of embryo transplants is 35 to 40%. So worrying about the success rate can put you under stress.

Unfortunately, it can have an adverse effect on your pregnancy. So make sure you stay positive and cheerful. If you have some hobbies, spend a lot of time indulging in those hobbies. You have to do all the routine chores of your home to take your attention away from the stress of IVF success. Read good books, watch movies, listen to music that relaxes you, and avoid negative thoughts.

Additionally, you have to prepare yourself not to lose hope if your first attempt is not successful. Make up your mind not to leave the treatment until you conceive.

Wrapping up

Just like every other treatment alternative, IVF, too, is not 100% successful. But if you keep up your positive attitude and follow the above tips, it can significantly improve your chances of a successful pregnancy.

We hope these tips will prove valuable in your journey towards conceiving a healthy child. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact us. We will surely get back to you with answers.

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